Marble, Bronze & Granite Memorials, Monuments & Signs

Marble, Bronze & Granite Memorials, Monuments & Signs — Ruhkal Monumenta in Sacramento, CA
Below you will see memorial benches along with pictures of some of the larger bronze, marble and granite monuments and unique signs we build. The Ruhkala Monument Co. has been in business since 1889. We’ve had the privilege of building monuments, memorials and plaques for cities, counties, states, schools and the federal government. We have also built war memorials and signs for churches, real estate developments and parks. We have a reputable history with many local organizations. You can see the quality in our work below. If you are looking for any type of bronze, granite or marble memorial, monument or sign please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Sacramento Office: (916) 441-2846 or Rocklin Office :(916) 624-1176. We can also assist with design services.

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We are proud of our heritage of serving the community of greater Sacramento Since 1889

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